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About Us

Kalingaa plus pvt. ltd. was established on 13 December 2016 with a vision and mission to provide the opportunity to the people to become financially stable. The company is in the business of direct sales and provide the customer quality products cosmetics, health and personal care in cost.

Our Mission

To be the most successful company in the field of direct marketing and to help the people to become successful entrepreneurs.

Our Vision

To understand the customer needs and provide them the best quality product. Kalingaa plus team always believes in making peoples life fill with prosperity and successful.

Business Opotunity

Kalingaa plus is with the people, by the people and for the people


Kalingaa Plus provides the platform to all levels of people to achieve their dreams through teamwork and wherein the achievements will never taken away from them, each step will always take you to higher level with their level rewards.

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